Praying mantis photography course

This praying mantis photography course offers the opportunity to photography some of the most fascinating and photogenic insects on earth up close. I will teach you the basics of macro photography (if required) and then you can photograph a variety of praying mantis species from all over the world, under my guidance.

This course can be taken either in a group or as a 1:1 session. If you are a beginner to photography I recommend first taking the Introduction to Wildlife photography course or Macro wildlife photography course to master the skills required as a prerequisite for macro photography.

Date: Starting spring 2012. Register on my homepage and I’ll keep you updated.

This course can also be arranged on a request basis. If you are interested in taking this course, but cannot make any of the above dates then please get in contact.

Duration: 12 – 5pm

Group fee: £45 per person (maximum 6 participants)

1:1 fee: £125 (if you are a Canon user then a Canon MP-E65mm and MT-24EX twin-lite flash can be hired for this 1:1 workshop).