Badger photography course

Join me on this badger photography course. This course, based near Norwich, Norfolk offers a unique opportunity to photograph one of Britain’s best loved mammals.

We’ll settle down in the purpose built wooden hide before sunset, as darkness sets in the woods become alive with the calls of nocturnal species such as tawny owls and foxes and with a bit of patience the badgers will make an appearance and forage around the hide providing great opportunities to photograph them.

The aim of the evening is not to take as many photographs as possible, but instead to take a handful of really good quality images. You will learn many valuable photography skills including multiple flash set up, remote triggering and dusk/ evening photography, and also discover much about badger ecology.

I limit this photography course to a maximum of 1 member to minimise any disturbance to the badgers, and to ensure that you get the most from the evening.

If you are a Canon user then you can make the use of my multiple Canon speedlite flash system free of charge.

If you are a beginner to photography I recommend first taking the Introduction to photography course to master the skills required for this workshop.

Please also see the badger watching section if you are interested in viewing these animals in their natural environment.

Price: £125 1:1.

Duration: Up to six hours, dependent on badgers!!

Dates:Coming soon! Please sign up for my newsletter (via the form on the left hand side of my homepage) and I will keep you updated.

When?: These badgers can be photographed throughout the year. Although they become less active in winter they will still visit the area and these months provide unique opportunities such as photographing them in the snow. Spring brings woodland flowers such as bluebells which make for a fantastic backdrop. Summer sees the newly emerged cubs becoming more adventurous and exploring the area and autumn provides a carpet of fallen leaves to photograph them on.