The adventure of a lifetime!

As many of you know, this year I’ve largely been focusing on photographing and writing a monthly article for Photography Monthly magazine about the wildlife around an oak tree in Norfolk. As the year draws to an end I’m looking to organise the next phase of this project which is carrying out the same concept but with a MASSIVE tree in the Amazon rainforest. Alongside two other photographers, Nicholas Foxton and Tom Ambrose, I will photograph and catalogue an array of species that inhabit and travel around a single tree in the Amazon rainforest. From the ground all the way up to the canopy, 200 feet or more above, we will photograph as many species as we can over two months. We believe photography is a perfect way to inspire people from all walks of life about the wildlife in this area and in turn to motivate them into taking action, whether that be by supporting charities such as the World Land Trust or taking more direct action.

We’re funding our trip in part by offering the TRIP OF A LIFETIME to a small group of photographers at the end of our project. We’re offering a unique opportunity to come and join the 3 of us in the rainforest for 10 days; learning, photographing and participating. You’ll be part of the team whilst out with us and will get to join in on everything and anything you want to, ranging from climbing the tree to photographing birds, frogs and monkeys. More details of the itinerary can be found below.

We have LOADS more information about the project here: and here:

We haven’t advertised the trip yet and we already have four members, if you’re interested in joining us or would like to talk over the trip then drop me an email at or call me on 07917 023 490. I hope that a few of you will choose to join us, it will be a fantastic adventure!

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