Red deer rut photography course

This photography session focuses upon capturing images of the red deer rut. We’ll rise early and start tracking deer at around 6am, finishing around 9am when the deer become less active. Red deer are the largest mammal in the UK and stags can reach weights of up to 240kg. The rut is a period of time when the largest male red deer (stags) compete for the females (hinds). They compete both using threatening displays such as charging or bellowing and also by using brute force which culminates in the clashing of antlers. The winner eventually gets to round up the most females and mate with them thereby passing on his strong genes to the next generation of deer. Photographing these magnificent animals is always fantastic and I enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching two stags in action. Following the bellowing of large males we will locate stags and if lucky get to watch a rut in action. Throughout the course I will offer tuition on how to best photograph these animals along with any other guidance required.

Basic working knowledge of photography is required and I recommend that beginners first take the Introduction to wildlife photography course first.

To minimise disturbance and maximise our chances of getting great photographs this session is only held as a 1:1 session


2016 dates released around July/ August

1:1 fee: £125