Fantastic Mr Fox

It’s been quite a while since I’ve added a post here (since the end of October, time has flown by!). I’ve been busy running my introduction to photography and woodland bird photography courses and have enjoyed meeting and getting to know many new clients and seeing some familiar faces. Winter seems to have arrived properly this week – better late than never – and I’m really looking forward to getting some photographs of birds and other animals in the snow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some flurries at some point soon. For the last few months I’ve otherwise been occupying myself with a red fox photography project which I’m undertaking at several locations. For me they are one of, if not the most, beautiful mammals in England and they are worth the challenge! I’ve been combining remote IR camera traps with good old fashioned patience and waiting and I am now getting something of a portfolio together. You can see a few of these at the bottom of this post. In other news the badger project is coming along well and they are visiting my feeding post every night now, the new badger watching hide will be ready by the end of February and then I just have to give them ample time to get used to it. Until then I will hold off any photography and when the weather in warmer and the days are longer I will start a project photographing them in daylight. I’m looking forward to it already. I’ll try and make my next post sooner!

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