Photographing the red deer rut

Over the last month or so I have been photographing what I think is one of the great natural spectacles of wildife in England; the red deer rut. Red deer are the largest mammal in the UK and stags can reach weights of up to 240kg. The rut is a period of time when the largest male red deer (stags) compete for the females (hinds). They compete both using threatening displays such as charging or bellowing and also by using brute force which culminates in the clashing of antlers. The winner eventually gets to round up the most females and mate with them thereby passing on his strong genes to the next generation of deer. Photographing these magnificent animals is always fantastic and I enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching two stags in action. In 2012 I will be running some 1:1 days photographing the red deer rut, I look forward to some of you joining me for what will most definitely be a memorable experience.

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