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Welcome to Norfolk Wildlife Photography. I am a wildlife photographer based near Norwich in Norfolk, England. I run a variety of wildlife photography courses both in the UK, and overseas. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Canon 200-400mm review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been testing out the much anticipated Canon 200-400mm. I’ve put it through it’s paces on my Skokholm puffin trip. I can’t reveal what the verdict is yet but you can read my full review in next months editions of Photography Monthly and Professional Photographer.

I will post my photographs from the Skokholm trip shortly.

New addition to the macro photography course

From now onwards the stars of the macro photography course will be joined by three very photogenic harvest mice. All are captive bred and have no fear of people which allows members to get close to photograph them on a variety of props. Alongside this members get to photograph praying mantis, stick insects and a variety of other mini beasts. After the morning tutorial – which includes everything all the way from macro basics to more advanced techniques like image stacking – we take a walk down to a lake on the farm grounds where a variety of dragonflies, damselflies, spiders, bees and much more can be photographed in the wild.

For more information about the macro photography course visit the course page.

One tree in a billion project

Over the last few months I have been busy photographing for a project which is appearing each month in Photography Monthly magazine. For this project I am photographing the diversity of life which lives around a single oak tree in Norfolk with the aim of documenting everything from ants all the way to buzzards.

This UK project is preparation for a larger project which will take place next year in the Peruvian Amazon. In Peru I will be teaming up with two other wildlife photographers to replicate the UK Oak tree project but on a much larger scale and on an enormous fig tree deep in the rainforest. We will photograph and catalogue the wide array of species from the ground all the way up to the canopy, 200 feet or more above. We will document the bizarre and fascinating life forms around our chosen tree, ranging from tiny invertebrates all the way up to the large charismatic mammals such as jaguars, sloths and giant anteaters. Working with the World Land Trust and a local research lodge we have exclusive access to a host of researchers, methods and logistics that will assist us in compiling a visual catalogue of life in the area. We will combine traditional methods of photography with more advanced techniques such as extreme macro and using infra red technology. Such techniques will allow us to photograph tiny creatures with up to a 5:1 ratio (think of a flea being magnified to the size of a cat!) and to photograph secretive species using infra red beams which detect motion 24 hours a day. Combined, our project will provide the viewer with an inspiring and exciting portrayal of the complex biodiversity inhabiting our chosen tree.

The images from our project will be donated to the World Land Trust to help them raise money to protect rainforest habitats all around the world. We will also run an exhibition to raise awareness about the amazing diversity of life within rainforest regions.

For more information about the project please visit the dedicated website, One Tree in a Billion

Seal and terns boat trips

I’ve teamed up with expert local naturalist David Diggens from Hidden Norfolk to provide an exclusive boat trip focused on photographing the extensive tern and seal colonies around Blakeney Spit in North Norfolk. With photography in mind, we’ll sail close to the shoreline allowing for you to capture beautiful images of both the terns feeding their young and the seals playing in the wash. A world away from the large tourist boats that speed up and down we will take our time to position the boat to get you the best shots throughout the course. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph common, sandwich and little terns, grey and common seals and a host of other wading birds.

Each trip is limited to just four guests and therefore the intial dates we have set out will likely sell out quickly. For more information visit the seal and tern photography workshop page.

The Kingfishers return!

I’m happy to say that the kingfishers have survived another tough winter and have returned to the river again. Activity levels are high already and the male is chasing around after the female in preparation for the breeding season. Last year the kingfishers raised three broods of young and I hope this year will be equally successful for them.

I’ve made a few changes to the area and it is now possible to change the perch so you can get creative with your photography and choose anything from mossy branches to bulrushes.

As a bonus, a family of otters have been frequenting the river on a regular basis so if you are really really lucky you may just get to see them too!

I’ve already booked up most of the dates but have just added a few more kingfisher photography course dates in April, you can view them at the kingfisher page.

Winter has arrived…

Winter has arrived in full force and Norfolk is receiving a fair amount of snow. I’m making the most of this opportunity to get out there and capture as much wildlife as I can with beautiful snowy backdrops. The woodland birds hide is a hive of activity during these tough and cold days and it’s one of the best times to photograph the wild inhabitants of the wood as they get braver the more hungry they get.

There are a few spaces left on the woodland birds photography course over the next few months, visit the woodland bird page for more information.

The owl photographer….

One of the perks of being a wildlife photographer is that I get to see nature up close. However, sometimes wildlife just gets too close! I’m currently working on wide angle flight shots of my wild barn owl but it seems to want to take control of the other side of the camera!!!! Thought I’d share this photograph with you all, it made me laugh on an otherwise fairly bleak morning!

For more information about barn owl workshops please visit the barn owl photography workshop page.

Barn owl photography workshop

My wild barn owl photography workshops are now up and running. Winter offers one of the best chances to photograph these beautiful birds, food is very scarce and these owls hunt in broad daylight to maximise their hunting time. Set on a private nature reserve, my barn owl workshop provides fantastic opportunities to photograph a barn owl hunting and on rustic perches which have been purposely placed to get great photographs.

These are by far one of the most iconic and graceful birds in Britain and to photograph them up close is a real privilege.

For more information about workshops please visit the barn owl photography workshop page.

If you have any questions then let me know.

Award for puffin photograph

I was really pleased to find out today that one of my puffin photographs was given a silver award in the well respected International Loupe Awards this year.

One of my deer shots missed out on a silver award by just one point but still received the bronze award which I am also pleased with.

Next year I’m going for gold!!!

2013 kingfisher photography dates released

I have just added some kingfisher course dates for 2013. These workshops will take place on the same private stretch of river as 2012 and offer fantastic opportunities to photograph these beautiful birds up close. In 2012 the kingfishers showed up for 100% of workshops and over the year reared three broods of fledglings. I expect that 2013 will be equally as successful.

Here’s a couple of testimonials from clients who visited the hide:

“Wow! What a fantastic experience! To be so close to such a fantastic bird in the wild was a truly amazing and to come away with such stunning pictures was the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to come back. Thank you for all your help and advice.” Andrew Ducat.

“The experience of sitting in the hide was extremely peaceful, and the male kingfisher kept showing up through the morning, providing great views and posing for the camera. It was the best view of a kingfisher I’ve ever had, and I’ve been searching for this for over 2 years! I’m already trying to book to go back! Thanks again.” Alastair Marsh

To find out more visit my kingfisher photography course page.

This year the courses sold out very quickly so book early to avoid disappointment. You can book by using the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page, of course if you have any questions then email me at jon@norfolk-wildlife-photography.co.uk