Amazon Wildlife Photography Trip

Next year’s Amazon trip is something really special. I am participating in a project called One Tree in a Billion and along with two other wildlife photographers we’re going to carry out a project that is ground breaking in both its scope and ambition. Together, we will photograph and catalogue an array of species that inhabit and travel around a single tree in the Amazon rainforest. From the ground all the way up to the canopy, 200 feet or more above, we will photograph as many species as we can over a period of a several months. We believe photography is a perfect way to inspire people from all walks of life about the wildlife in this area and in turn to motivate them into taking action, whether that be by supporting charities such as the World Land Trust or taking more direct action. On this basis the ‘One Tree in a Billion’ project was conceived.

In association with the One Tree in a Billion project, in 2015 I am offering the opportunity of a lifetime for a small group of photographers and nature lovers. Join me and the One Tree in a Billion team at the project site, deep within the Amazon rainforest and spend 10 days with us; learning, photographing and participating.

Description: The rainforest of south-eastern Peru holds the most biodiversity of almost any other region on our planet. Our participants can enjoy the unique opportunity of working alongside three professional photographers and wildlife experts who offer a wealth of knowledge and the extraordinary chance to take part in a grounbreaking project which aims to raise money to protect this area.

Likely to see: Royal flycatcher, jaguar, capuchin monkey, capybara, 3 species of macaw, sloth, 10 species of parrot, peccary, urania moth, anteater, tamarin, giant river otter, owl butterfly, cock of the rock, caiman, brocket deer, red howler monkey, whip-tail scorpion spider, agouti, orchid, band-tailed mannequin, glass-wing butterfly, walking palm, squirrel monkey, dung beetle, blunt-headed tree snake, blue morpho butterfly, a boa or two, the tree frogs, lizards, pink-toed tarantula, hoatzin, and a mind-boggling diversity of other plants, insects and birds.

Workshop team: Jonathan Lewis, Nicholas Foxton, Tom Ambrose (Photography Tour Leaders) and local researchers.

Schedule/ activities:

– Climbing the project tree to view the rainforest from the canopy.

– Photographing giant river otters on a nearby oxbow lake.

– Participating in specialist workshops including macro photography, infra-red camera trapping, HDR (high dynamic range), star trails and much more. These workshops will be divided into tuition and practical and will be personalised to the small group.

– Spending a day with a bird expert, mist netting birds and photographing them up close.

– Visiting a colpa (clay lick) and photograph macaws and parrots.

– Tracking groups of wild peccaries in the rainforest, an experience you will never forget!

– Using our photography hides, already set up for the project to attract a range of birds and mammals.

– Photographing frogs and snakes in studios set up in the rainforest.

– Sleeping in a hammock in the rainforest for an evening (optional!)

– and much, much more.


Contact me for details.


GBP £2,995 fully inclusive (excluding flights and travel insurance). Group size limited to 8 people.

Your fee will directly support the One Tree in a Billion project and help raise important awareness about this beautiful area of the world.

To enquire or apply, please contact Jon at