Watch this space!

This week I have been setting up an area in a local private wood to host woodland bird photography courses. I’ve decided upon an amazing location with great lighting in the early morning. I spent a few days last week with the farm manager setting up natural feeders, clearing away the background and setting up my hide.

The main point of focus is a rotting oak tree which sits around 4 foot from the hide, this makes a great place for the birds to land on and looks really photogenic. I have set up a peanut feeder, a mixed seed feeder and also I’ve cut notches into the tree which I’ve filled the gaps with lard, a food which the birds love but which doesnt clog up their feathers. I’ve also baited an area about 10 metres away with dead rabbits and I hope to get the local family of foxes feeding regularly from there.

I left the new set up for a day and returned early the next morning. The birds hadn’t hung about and although they were a little nervous they were already feeding at regular intervals. A variety of birds are already visiting the feeders; blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, robins, black birds, coal tits, willow tits, wrens, nuthatches and excitingly a greater spotted woodpecker. I’ve also spotted several green woodpeckers and there’s at least 3 tawny owls in the woods too. Some of these birds are very secretive and difficult to photograph so the set up gives a great opportunity to capture them in their full glory.

I’m going to bait this area until next Spring when I’ll open the courses up to the public. You can read more about my courses on this website.

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