Back from the Amazon

I returned from my annual Amazon tour recently and I’m settling back into Norfolk life and wildlife! Again we had a fantastic time; one of the trip highlights was visiting Chuncho colpa, the longest clay lick in the world, and seeing hundreds of macaws and thousands of parrots flying overhead. Various species of parrot and macaw visit this clay lick to collect and eat salt, which is thought to be useful for removing toxins from their bodies. It’s an amazing experience to watch the sun rise over the clay lick, and for hundreds of macaws to come down, hang from vines and eat the clay. We’ve decided to make some changes for our 2012 Peru tour, and we will now be visiting a number of both natural and cultural wonders over the trip. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the highlights:

– Living in the rainforest at a research lodge
– Mist netting with an expert ornithologist
– Tracking down snakes, lizards and frogs with a herpetologist
– Visiting the longest clay lick in the world and witnessing macaws and parrots in their natural habitat
– Viewing a cock of the rock lek in stunning pristine cloud forest
– Trekking to the legendary Machu Picchu along a beautiful alternate inca trail (optional).
– A day at Machu Picchu

The Untamed Photography will be updated with details and dates soon so keep checking back.

Here are some images from the tour (excuse my bias for macro shots!)
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