Adder and heathland flowers photography course

We will travel to a private location 5 miles from Norwich which although not well known is very rich in reptile life. With patience and good field craft we aim to track down reptiles to photograph in their natural environment. The course runs alongside an ecology research project investigating reptile dispersal and we will be accompanied by an ecologist who will be trapping and recording individuals. This partnership provides unique opportunities to get close and photograph adders and other reptiles. With your permission, your photographs will be used in the research project and used to identify individuals (the scales on the top of an adder’s head are unique to each individual), and over time monitor their dispersal. Throughout the session photography advice will be provided along with tips on how to get the best shots.

Species we are likely to see are:

Adder, Vipera berus: Britain’s only venomous snake, but contrary to popular belief these snakes are not aggressive and unless provoked will not bite. They are easily disturbed so we will walk quietly and lightly to avoid scaring them off. With good field craft they make excellent subjects and are highly photogenic!

Grass snake, Natrix natrix: Britain’s largest reptile, measuring up to 6 foot long. This species are non venomous and rarely bite. They feed almost exclusively on amphibians such as the common frog. When disturbed they produce a foul smelling fluid from their glands, and as a last resort they play dead! Again, these snakes are fascinating to get close to and photograph.

Common lizard, Lacerta vivipara: These small lizards are very difficult to photograph as they dash off as soon as they hear any noise. However, with luck we will be able to photograph this species.

Basic working knowledge of photography is required and I recommend that beginners first take the Introduction to wildlife photography course first.

To minimise disturbance and maximise our chances of photographing these species the maximum group size is 4. This course can also be taken as 1:1 session.


2017 DATES RELEASED SOON! Email me to pre-book

Duration: Weather dependent, normally around 4-5 hours

What to bring: SLR/ bridge or compact camera (however, you will get the most from this day with an SLR camera), outdoor clothing including a hat and boots, gaiters or wellies, tripod, a packed lunch.

Location: Private site five miles from Norwich. you will be contacted with full location details after you have paid through PayPal.

Fee: £70 (group fee, maximum of 4 members to minimise disturbance) or £200 1:1.

Payment: To secure a place click on the secure PayPal link below to pay. Please add your preferred course date in the “message to seller” box.

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